Why CrossFit SBF

People can workout anywhere, they could find a cheaper gym or workout for free in their garage, but they don’t. They come here because of our community. It’s because of the friendships they’ve developed here.

We created an environment that makes people feel safe. Safe to take risks, safe to make friends, and safe to make mistakes. We warm up together, we work out together, and we socialize together. It’s this environment that creates long-term results. It’s this environment that makes us push through the pain, and then wake up early and do it again. We push hard, we push through the pain, and we do it smiling because we do it together.

It’s the together. That’s why SBF.

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Athlete Spotlight

Athlete Spot Light Brian Greene
1. How long have you been doing CrossFit? I have been doing CrossFit for 1 year (with a 4 month layoff due to a broken hand and subsequent surgery). 2.  What personal goals have you achieved since starting CrossFit I’ve lost a few pounds which is great, but I believe that I have made significant




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